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PaperStream Capture 2.5.0 Update

Target OS

Windows® 10 / Windows® 8.1 / Windows® 7
Windows Server® 2016 / Windows Server® 2012 R2 / Windows Server® 2012 / Windows Server® 2008 R2 / Windows Server® 2008

Download Programs

Download the software to your hard disk by clicking the "Download" link below.

[Download] PaperStream Capture 2.5.0 Update
icon-download  PSC2500UPD.exe (282,487,816 Bytes)

Please refer to the icon-pdf README prior to use.


  • For the latest manuals, please visit the manual download page.
  • When using PaperStream IP (TWAIN), update PaperStream IP (TWAIN) to version 1.21 or later before installing this update.
  • A newer version of PaperStream Capture cannot be installed onto a computer where a suspended or errorous batch remains on PaperStream Capture 1.0. Release the batch with PaperStream Capture 1.0 or uninstall it before installing another version of PaperStream Capture.
  • When using PaperStream Capture Pro Import, install PaperStream IP (TWAIN) 1.51.0.


New features:

  1. In addition to the existing Batch Scan mode, a new mode named Simple Scan is now available so as to scan without having prescribed a profile in advance.
  2. Now an existing image file can be opened by drag and drop the file to a profile. An image scanned while a file is opened in this way is saved under the profile and added to the file.
  3. A new browse view (2x1) is now available where a selected image and its next image are shown in the display area so that both front and back images can be viewed at a time.
  4. Now you can select which items of Index Information File to output. (A feature addition to Batch Scan mode in Basic mode)
  5. Now the JPEG compression level for TIFF can be switched between 6 and 7.
  6. Now different save folders and naming rules can be set for different types of output images in one batch when Automatic Color Detection, Swith by Code Sheet, or Color by Length is enabled. (For Batch scan mode only)
  7. If a file is alaredy existis in the save destination, the software now shows a dialog to select either saving as another file or renaming automatically the file.
  8. SharePoint Online is now supported. (For Batch scan mode only)
  9. The size of low-quality images is likely to be large; however, new parameters for image compression are available that allow you to output small size of grayscale/color low-quality images so as to reduce network load or save disk space.
  10. SFTP/FTPS is now supported in FTP linkage. (For Batch Scan mode only)
  11. Document separators can be manually inserted in Manual Feeding Mode so that you can insert a separator anytime while checking scanned images.
  12. Final Check has been added as a batch status in multi-station operation. (PaperStream Capture Pro Only)

Improved Points:

  1. Shortened the time to be ready for the next batch scan after the Complete Batch button for a batch scan is pressed.
  2. Now you can check your scans during Scan to Add/Replace so that you can make sure if the scanned images have vertical streaks or not.
  3. The maximum length of Optional character string of file name is enlarged from 32 to 128 characters.
  4. Now you can change and keep the size of thumbnails in Browse and All-In-One views.
  5. When [Separate a document when both sides are blank] is enabled, only a blank sheet (both sides are blank) is detected as a separation in duplex scanning: A document separation is not inserted by a single-sided paper. (For Batch Scan mode only)
  6. Fixed scanned Release After Scan does not work properly when the type of Filed Attributes in Meta Data is set by DataBase Autofill. (PaperStream Capture Pro Only)

Corrected issues:

  1. Fixed SharePoint linkage that fails to upload a file to a library where "default view" is created.
  2. Fixed the problem that order of thumbnails can be wrong.
  3. Fixed Hot Key runs an incorrect document profile when a hidden document profile exists.
  4. Fixed an incorrect file name to output caused by different initial values between page counter and document counter when a release error occurs with Multi Image Output.
  5. Fixed the message displayed when Watch Folder was ended. (PaperStream Capture Pro Import Only)
  6. Fixed metadata may not be applied to naming rules at Scan&Index Station where PaperStream Capture Pro is installed. (PaperStream Capture Pro Only)

PDF Software change history

Installation Instructions

For details on how to install and how to confirm version information after installation, refer to PDF Installation Instructions.